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Sergey Ignatov is an artist in the forth generation. But this is not his only powerful point. He is the only one in the world who works with propellers. Sergey is one of the few people in the world who manipulates with 5 rings in so many variations. The specific of the number is that Sergey is not only simply a juggler, he`s also a splendid professional Tap Dancer. And all of this is combines in the unique original way.
On a present day he has an extraordinary experience. He`s been performing for 16 years on the best arenas and stages of the world such as Germany (Variette in Stuttgart, Circus Krone, Tiger Palast), tours around Japan, Taiwan, Greece, France, Italy, Finland, Peru, Chili. He used to perform in different kinds of TV Shows, and Gala-Concerts.



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